5 Must Have Spring 2018 Nail Polish Colors

April 18, 2018

Spring is finally here! It’s my favorite season next to fall. Everything is green, the weather is nice, and all the bright colors! I definitely start to feel more motivated in spring.

Today I wanted to share with you my must have Spring Nail Polish Colors for 2018. These are the colors I’ve been wearing every couple of weeks. I love them so much. They’re bright, inspiring, and beautiful.

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5 Must Have Spring Nail Polish Colors

    • Essie: Pre-Show Jitters – a beautiful nude-cream shade that is on the verge of white. It’s a clean, bright shade that will make your nails look polished and stunning. Plus, it matches any outfit!
    • Essie: Go Go Geisha – Still within the nude family, this color has more shades of pink. I’ve had this shade on my nails longer than most of my collection!
    • Essie: Eternal Optimist – This is a beautiful rose-pink shade for those who want to stick within the pink family, but go a little darker.
    • Essie: Mrs Always-Right – The darkest shade in my favorites, this rose color is gorgeous and a classic.
    • Essie: Peach Side Babe – This shade is the most out-there for me in terms of color. This is a beautiful orange-coral color that SCREAMS spring to me!

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What Are Your Favorite Nail Polish Colors?

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