How I Grew my Pinterest 600% in less than a Month

November 1, 2018

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Today I wanted to talk to you about how I grew my Pinterest like CRAZY and the steps I took to make it happen. It definitely wasn’t an overnight process, but I did see results pretty quickly!

If you’ve been around the blogging world, or social media marketing for that matter, you’ve probably heard of a little company called Tailwind. When I first started this blog, I didn’t buy into the Tailwind gimmick. I thought to myself “why would I use a scheduler when I’m already pinning manually on Pinterest myself?” The truth is, Pinterest is a HUGE marketing platform that should be used to market your blog/site. Today, I’m going to talk about How to Use Tailwind to Grow your Pinterest LIKE CRAZY.

Recently, I decided to kick up my Pinterest game since I wanted to blog a lot more (like full-time status). I did tons of research and decided I would try Tailwind for myself to see what all the hype was about.

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What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a smart scheduler that’s designed to schedule and post your pins to Pinterest that the optimal times. Meaning, you schedule the pins you’d like to post, and Tailwind actually studies your followers and develops a schedule to post the pins when your followers are most active and are more likely to re-pin your content.

Why You Need Pinterest

Pinterest is a HUGE Marketing tool for bloggers, business owners, etc. It’s a massive search engine that is used by millions every single day. Check out my Ultimate Pinterest Guide for Bloggers to really step up your Pinterest game!

In short, Pinterest is NOT social media. It’s a traffic driving machine that will bring thousands of users to your site when used correctly. I go over all the steps on how to maximize your Pinterest efforts in the guide mentioned above!

Start a Money Making Blog

Of course, if you want to start driving massive traffic, you want to start a money making blog! Starting a blog can be intimidating, I get it! Don’t worry… I wrote a Complete Guide to Starting a Blog for beginners!

In that guide, I go over exactly how I started my own blog and even what host I use for my self-hosted WordPress blog. Check it out! It’s totally free. No downloads, no courses, no signups… it’s all in one post for you to read and use.

Before I Started Using Tailwind

Before I started using Tailwind, I would pin on my Pinterest manually from time to time. I wasn’t as focused on Pinterest for my marketing strategy simply because I didn’t know how powerful Pinterest can be for site owners.

These were my analytics before using Tailwind. I still had some good numbers by manually pinning with an average monthly viewer count of 13,078. This means that many people saw all the pins I was pinning, not just my own content.

I’m a night owl, so I’m usually on Pinterest before bed (which is usually around 2 or 3 am) so while I was pinning, I was not pinning at the right times.

Getting Started with Tailwind

I decided to try Tailwind after reading some posts about how much it helped other bloggers grow their traffic. Much to my surprise, I nearly immediately saw results. There were so many useful tools available through Tailwind that helped my Pinterest IMMENSELY.

Get a FREE Month of Tailwind and Try It For Yourself Today!

I started with the free month trial just to see how it would work and let me tell you, you can do just about everything on Tailwind with the FREE trial!

How to Use Tailwind to Grow Your Pinterest LIKE CRAZY

Below are the steps and features I used to grow my Pinterest profile.

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Tailwind Smart Scheduler

One of the most notable features on Tailwind is the smart scheduler. When you set up your Tailwind profile, you can set how many times you want to pin a day and it will give you a schedule of suggested times to pin. These times are based on when your audience is most engaged. It’ll then post your scheduled pins at the best time possible to maximize your pin’s reach!

For my profile, I set my “desired pin number” to 30 pins a day. Here we have an example of my current pin schedule. The solid green boxes are the time-slots Tailwind had picked out for my optimal pinning times, the lighter green with check marks are their “suggested pin times” if I wanted to add more slots to my schedule.

Here’s what an example schedule looks like as I’m scheduling my pins. Locked squares are my manually scheduled pins from my website. The other pins are other’s content that I added to my schedule. A good rule of thumb is to pin 80% of other’s content and 20% of your own! I obviously need to add more pins to my schedule here, hehe!

Tailwind Chrome Extension

Another feature I love is the Tailwind Chrome Extension. It’s a free extension for your chrome browser that will let you easily schedule pins found on blog posts or even on Pinterest itself. Since you want to pin a lot of content, this extension makes it easier to schedule it directly from your browser without having to login to your Tailwind Dashboard.

Tailwind Chrome Extension to easily schedule pins!

Tailwind Tribes

Another feature I absolutely LOVE is Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind Tribes are essentially like Pinterest Group Boards but on Tailwind! There are hundreds of tribes to choose from in any niche. Tailwind users are also trying to fill their schedules, you’re more likely to get re-pinned from fellow tribe mates and their followers will see your content! That’s what I love about Pinterest in general, it’s a snowball effect for gaining traction and traffic to your site.

Ps. Have you joined our NEW Pinterest group board? Now accepting collaborators! Share your blog posts with us!

Board Lists

Board lists are SO USEFUL especially when you are a part of multiple Pinterest Group Boards. They are lists of boards you create when pins can fit into multiple boards of the same category.

For example, say you want to pin a Cake Recipe and you are part of multiple recipe sharing group boards, plus your own boards – you can create a board list and then share the pin to that list. Tailwind will schedule that pin to go to those different boards within your list at the best times. It’s very useful and I highly recommend using it. Plus it saves you a TON of time instead of typing out each board one-by-one when scheduling pins.

My Results from Using Tailwind

Just a refresher: these were my analytics after only Pinning manually on Pinterest previously.

These are my analytics after using Tailwind for a total of 3 weeks! My monthly viewers went up by 14,219 and my engagement rate is up 230.61%. Since writing this post, my re-pin engagement over the last 7 days has been 150 re-pins and I’ve grown 50 followers. All in one week!

Is Tailwind Worth It?

If you’re serious about driving traffic to your blog/site, Tailwind is an extremely helpful tool and is 100% worth it. Like I said, when I first started Tailwind, I used the Free Month Trial.


Try Tailwind for FREE | Free Month Trial from SoVeryMe


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