Our Infertility Journey: IUI Day

October 11, 2018

The day has finally come… Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) day! I couldn’t sleep at all. I was feeling so anxious and excited. It finally feels like we have a chance at finally becoming pregnant. It all felt surreal and I could not wait to get the ball rolling.

If you’re unfamiliar with our story or what IUI is, check out Our Infertility Story and The Start of Our IUI Journey.

Our IUI Appointment Time

Our IUI was scheduled for 10:15 am with an arrival time of 9:15 am. We were asked to arrive at 9:15 for additional paperwork and to sign off on our frozen sperm vials for them to wash. Not going to lie, the nerves were getting to me. It felt like a dream. We spent the last several weeks talking to our doctor and nurses about the procedure, all the shots and medication, and now the time has finally come. I’ll admit, I was emotional most of the morning.

We were asked to sign a bunch of labels to confirm that the info on them was correct (name, D.O.B, date) and then it was the waiting game.

How Many Frozen Sperm Vials to Use for IUI

The previous evening, the Embryologist called to ask how many of our vials we wanted to use. We had 7 total from the time of deposit 10 years ago (right after Hubs started chemotherapy), so we didn’t have too much to work with. The embryologist also stated that 2 of the vials were very low in sperm count (about 25,000) so she said they weren’t viable for IUI. Essentially, we had 5 vials to work with. We decided to use 3 vials.

She also asked if we wanted to try with a fresh sample as well. I was a little hesitant due to his previous urinalysis numbers. The environment the sperm ends up is acidic and kills the motility. But, I figured why not. If we get some, we get some. If we don’t,  we will just have to use the frozen vials.

Getting a Collection

After the paperwork was signed, they called Hubs back to do his thing and collect a sample. Unfortunately, the Embryologist gave us the news that the sample wasn’t viable due to the motility (we also had less than 24 hours to prepare, so I wasn’t holding my breath).

Waiting for the IUI

After the Embryologist gave us the news, she instructed us to come back in an hour for the IUI. At this time, it was 10:15 am, so the IUI got postponed an hour, essentially. We decided to go up the street to IHOP to have some breakfast.

Maybe it was my nerves, but I wasn’t all that hungry. I had an omelette , but didn’t eat much of it at all. Next thing I knew, it was time to go back to the doctor’s office.

IUI Time

We arrived back to the doctor’s office and were called back within a couple of minutes. We were taken to the back of the office where the procedures happen (haven’t been back there ever! That’s when things started getting real for me) and I was instructed to strip down from the waist down and wait.

Sonogram room they used to check my follicles.

Me anxiously awaiting for the nurses inside the IUI room along with my incredible husband.

The nurses finally came into the room and told us they would be conducting the procedure. Unfortunately, we did get some news that our numbers post-wash were low… seems like we can’t win on that front. But, we were there and ready… so I wasn’t about to back down.

The IUI procedure itself was relatively painless and quick. My cervix was extremely high, according to the nurses, so it took a while for them to get the speculum and whatnot into a place where they had clear view. I had to move around on the table and try different angles to help them out. Eventually I ended up with my entire lower half off the table (haha) but they were able to see it. The only discomfort I had was the speculum, but once that was in place, it was fine.

They inserted the catheter and injected the sample then I was done. They asked me to lay on the table for about 15 minutes before getting back up.

Ovulation Pain

Our IUI happened right at 37 hours after taking the trigger shot. They say you ovulate around 36 hours after taking the trigger shot and boy were they right. If you read my previous post on our infertility journey, it was confirmed that I had 5 mature follicles ready to ovulate. That’s essentially ovulating 5 eggs vs. the 1 a normal cycle would ovulate.

I had received a new prescription from my doctor right after the IUI for Progesterone supplements. We decided to go get those filled right after we were able to leave. We live about 45 minutes away from the clinic so it took a bit to drive to our usual Wal-Mart pharmacy. On the drive back, I started feeling pressure and pains in my pelvis and hips.

We got to the pharmacy and decided to walk around while the prescription was being filled. Within minutes, the pain got intense that I couldn’t walk anymore. It was radiating from my hips to my lower back. I knew it was ovulation time (times 5 at that). We ended up going home because I absolutely needed to lay down. We ended up falling asleep for a few hours after that, so at least I was laying down and hope gravity helped us a little more.

The Dreaded Two Week Wait

Now it’s time for the dreaded two week wait. I’m currently on Progesterone and, at the time of writing this, 8 DPO / 10 days past trigger shot. I will be writing a post about my symptoms and experience so far along with some old wives tales I’m using to help promote pregnancy and implantation. I hope you join us on our journey! See our Results

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