The Complete Guide to Starting a Blog

October 15, 2018

Blogging for Beginners | Beginners Guide to starting a blog | How to start a blog for beginners

Welcome to the complete guide to starting a blog. You’re probably here because you want to learn how to start your own blog. You probably see on Pinterest about how all these bloggers are making full-time income on part-time work while blogging. You’re wondering to yourself “how can I be in that club”? You’re in the right place! I’m going to talk about how to start a blog for beginners.

In today’s post, I’m not going to sell you an eBook or Course on how to start blogging. None of that from me. I believe in sharing information I’ve learned for free. These are my simple steps on how you can start your own blog and possibly turn it to income. Not going to lie, it’s going to take a lot of work… but it’s rewarding if you’re patient and dedicated enough!

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Why You Should Start a Blog

When I first started blogging, I wanted to initially share my interests with DIY and Lifestyle. Now, I realize I could share my many years of knowledge in the field of blogging and social media. My entire professional career, up to this point, has been in the graphic design, web design, and social media fields. Instead of having separate blogs, I merged them into one place.

Blogging has many uses and niche markets. You could write about anything.

Whether you want to treat it like a diary and write about your days, or narrow your niche to something specific such as:

  • DIY
  • Health and Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Cooking/Recipes
  • Pregnancy
  • Family + Baby
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal Finance

There are many ways to share your interests and passions through blogging and there are many people who will share the same interests and hobbies.

People love reading from other, real, people!

The other benefit to blogging? The potential to turn blogging into a full-time job. That’s right… there are many bloggers who blog full-time and make full-time income. Many bloggers travel the world and are able to call that their career. The DREAM isn’t it?

Pick a Topic & Blog Name

Before you start a blog, you’re going to want to think about what you want your niche to be.

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you want to talk about the most?
  • What do you have experience in that you want to share with the world?

Once you figure out what you want your blog niche to be, pick a name. You want something simple and sweet that people will remember.

Pick a Blogging Platform

I will always recommend using self-hosted WordPress over any other site such as Wix, Squarespace, etc. WordPress gives you so much more freedom and customization when it comes to blogging. Not to mention it opens up more options to monetize your site.

As mentioned above, WordPress needs “hosting” in order to make it “self-hosted”. This means you will need to find a provider to host your site on their servers. Thankfully, hosting is inexpensive and you can start your blog for a couple bucks a month!

Setting Up A Blog

The best host that I can recommend and personally use is SiteGround. I used to use GoDaddy, and the speeds were so slow and would make my blog take forever to load. Eventually, I made the switch to BlueHost and I did not like my experience with them… so I made the switch to SiteGround and have not looked back!

Why Start a Blog With SiteGround?

They’re affordable! You can start a blog for only $3.95 a month. That’s less than Squarespace! Plus, their up-time is top notch. Seriously. Since I made the switch, I have yet to have bogged-down upload times on my blog and it’s never down.

When I was with GoDaddy, I had to pay an arm and a leg to get up-time and security. With SiteGround, that’s included for much cheaper.

Choose a Blog Hosting Plan

The StartUp is what I used when I first started this blog. It’s affordable and you get the amazing customer support from SiteGround with it. They’ll even do the hard part for you – which I’ll explain in a second.

Choose a Blog Domain Name

You want your blog to look professional and official. Choosing a domain name (or a .com) will do just that. Once you’ve picked your hosting plan, you want to choose your domain name.

Remember, your blog name should be something simple and easy to remember so that people can come back to your blog!

Complete Set Up for Your Blog

One good thing about SiteGround is their discounts applies to any of the initial periods chosen when you sign up. So you’ll get the extremely low price for a year or longer, depending on how long you want to have your blog up! This initial discount period is GREAT for that and I have not personally experienced that with any other hosting service.

Congrats! Your blog hosting is set up and ready to go. Now it’s time to Install WordPress.

Installing WordPress

There are a couple of ways to install WordPress to get started with your blog. One way to do it is to have SiteGround Install WordPress for you! Seriously! Just give their customer service a call and ask them to install WordPress for you. They’ll ask you simple info such as desired login and password for the dashboard and the rest is done. Easy peasy!

Another way to do it is to install WordPress through the SiteGround Wizard. SiteGround has provided a very simple step-by-step tutorial if you prefer to do this step on your own.

Choosing a Blog Theme

Picking a theme is important for your blog. There are many free and paid/premium options out there. It all depends on how much you want to invest into your blog. Your theme is going to be your branding. I always highly recommend investing and getting a paid theme. There’s more customizing available, opportunities to monetize your blog, and it makes you look more professional to visitors and brands. Check out these 10 Stunning Feminine WordPress Themes for Bloggers

Some of my favorite places to shop for Themes are: 

Write Amazing Content

Now that you’ve chosen your blog name, domain, set up your blog to be self-hosted, and chosen a theme… it’s time to write amazing content! You want to put out content that visitors will want to read and share.

Check out other bloggers within your niche and see their most popular posts for inspiration. Make sure you write about things that you are experienced in or have knowledge about! Typically, if the topic can help the reader, it will do well. You need to ask yourself “if I were a reader of this post, what would I get out of it?

Market Your Content

After you’ve written amazing content and are ready to share it with the world… it’s time to market it! Pinterest is a huge tool for marketing your content and getting your blog posts seen. Thankfully, I’ve written about How to Drive MASSIVE Traffic to your Blog – check it out when you’re ready to explode your blog!

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